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My Vision in the 21st Century

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Using my Toastmaster, Business Management, Software Architect, and Accounting Skills to reinvigorate my business interests through ABD Development Group, and advance the Dr Ralph Smedley's Toastmaster movement into the 21st Century.

Just as Electricity, the Car, the Telephone, and the computer were the Hi-Tech products of yesteryear.

The net generation is busy working on changing the world into a new paradigm of the Internet, WiKis, and Instant Communications. Most of use have heard of Wikipedia the world largest Encyclopedia.

Entrepreneurs need to move into these areas, this is where our governments and big businesses are taking us. Did you every think the Tax Department would allow you to file your tax return online, or the Banks letting you do online banking.

My vision for the Business World is to provide it with an easy and uncomplicated way of Management Control; right from the first contact with a potential customer, to the Board of Directors’ Report to their Shareholders. The how is explained in My Methods. 
My vision for Toastmasters is, having completed my DTM, the highest personal achievement award in ToastmastersPresentation at VI Entrpreneur Toastmaster. International, to help them move Dr. Smedley's message into the 21st century, using it's new technologies.

In the fall of 2007, I was involved in forming VI Entrepreneur Toastmasters Club, with an equal emphasis on Entrepreneurship as well as the Toastmaster goals of Leadership, Communication, and Networking. I intend to give my technological knowledge to our new members. It is the plan of our club VI Entrepreneur Toastmasters to make it's members Technologically Competent in using Blogs, Wikis, Google Docs, skill in presentations in using electronic Visual Aids, create Videos to upload to You Tube, and online Internet use within their presentations. We will also use Video and Audio Conference calling. Luckily, we meet in the Conference Center of University of Victoria's Vancouver Island Technology Park. It has the finest presentation Equipment on Vancouver Island.

The world has shrunk from the Whole Wide World to a Global Village. The Internet and the miniaturization of the computer are the main reasons for this. Another major contributer is Sir Tim Berners-Lee with the World Wide Web (now W3C). This gives any small to medium size business the opportunity to play a role in our Global Village.

In the next ten years there are going to be tremendous strides in communication and computing, the flow of new information will make your head spin even if you belong to the net generation.

The world is going through the worst recession since the great deppresion of the '30s at the moment, but this will only advance these changes faster, as organization scramble to cut cost, yet improve service to stay competitive.

My vision for my personal financial security is in investments in Real Estate, High Technology, and Generating Electricity from non traditional sources.

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