Brian Dodd - Entrepreneur

My Skills

Where does the Skill come from?

Since joining Toastmaster in May 2005, I have achieved my DTM - Toastmasters highest award. For my HPL project, I producing a multi-media DVD of  "A Mini History of Toastmasters in British Columbia", and presented four Past District Governors or recipients of the Presidential Citation Award. In the spring (2008) I presented Sandy Robertson DTM, Past International Director, Past District Governor, first Editor of 'The Link' Newsletter, and a Toastmaster for 52 years his own special DVD. He was also original Historian of District 21, and his help was invaluable. He was there for my first HPL speech "Sharing Your Vision", he passed me a note saying "You'll never get District 21 history on one DVD". He was right.

My Toastmaster Accomplishments

VP-Education Royal Roads Toastmasters 2017 [Jan-Jun]

VP-Membership Firebirds Collective 2016-17 

VP-Membership First Canadian Toastmasters  2016-17
Sponsor and Co-founder Witty Storytellers Online 2016

Club Secretary Treasurer Witty Storytellers Online 2016-17

Co-founder Firebirds Collective 2016 Past President Firebirds Collective [Presidents Distinguished Club] 2016

Past President  First Canadian Toastmaster [Presidents Distinguished Club] 2015-16

Past President Royal Roads Toastmasters 2016
Area 1 Governor 2014-15 Treasurer Royal Roads Toastmasters [Presidents Distinguished Club] 2014-15

Treasurer  First Canadian Toastmaster 2014 [Jul-Dec]
2nd DTM (Distinguished Toastmaster) 2014 VP-Education  First Canadian Toastmaster 2014 [Presidents Distinguished Club] [Jan-Jun]

President Royal Roads Toastmasters [Presidents Distinguished Club] 2013-14

President First Canadian Toastmaster [Presidents Distinguished Club] 2013 [Jul-Dec]
Chairman Victoria Toastmasters Website Restoration Committee 2012
VP-Education  First Canadian Toastmaster 2012-13

VP-Public Relations
VI Entrepreneur Toastmasters 2012-13
Co-founder Royal Roads Toastmasters Club 2012 VP-Education Royal Roads Toastmasters 2012-13
Past Area 3 Governor 2011-12 [Distinguished Area] VP-Public Relations Uptown Rollers Toastmasters 2012-13
Outstanding Toastmaster 2010-11 Past President  First Canadian Toastmaster 2011-12
Mentor and Co-founder Uptown Rollers Toastmasters Club 2011

Club Secretary VI Entrepreneur Toastmasters [Presidents Distinguished Club] 2011-12

Past District Historian 2008-11 Past VP-Membership and Treasurer
VI Entrepreneur Toastmasters [Presidents Distinguished Club] 2010-11
Outstanding Toastmaster 2009-10 Past VP-Public Relations  First Canadian Toastmaster [Presidents Distinguished Club] 2010-11
Webmaster District 21 Spring Conference Committee 2010 Past President Night Hawks Club 2009-10
  Past Sergent of Arms First Canadian Toastmasters #38 
[Select Distinguished Club]
Past District Email Coordinator 2007-09 Past VP-Education VI Entrepreneur Toastmasters
[Presidents Distinguished Club] 2008-09
Outstanding Toastmaster 2008-09 Past VP-Public Relations Night Hawks Club 2008-09
DTM (Distinguished Toastmaster) 2008 Past Secretary  First Canadian Toastmaster [Select Distinguished Club] 2008-09
Sponsor and Co-founder VI Entrepreneur Toastmasters 2008

Past Club Treasurer VI Entrepreneur Toastmasters [Distinguished Club] 2008

Past Area 3 Governor 2007-08
[Presidents Distinguished Area]

Past President Thunderbird Toastmasters 
[Presidents Distinguished Club]

I was instrumental in reviving the District's "The Link" magazine, as an internet version. I was the Chair of the Link Revival Committee 2007-08 to get the magazine re-instituted. Even though my motion to bring back "The Link" was ruled illegal at the Spring 2008 Business Meeting. Dr Doug Thiessen, DTM reinstated "The Link" in his term as District Governor 2009-10. The first issue was November 2009.

I was the Editor of a Historical Copy of "The Link" for 2007.

I am the President of 3001 by Zarcom System Inc. for over 42 years. This is my company that developed many software application, including Sr Accounting - International Accounting System and Paytime - A Canadian Payroll System. Both products are still being used today. Over the years Zarcom's software has run on Mainframe, Mini, and PC computers.

This experience has given me skill as an executive officer, leadership, sales, management,  software development, planning, project management and budgeting, being a consultant and adviser to hundreds of corporations and organizations in manufacturing, construction, wholesale, retail, automotive, recreation vehicle rentals, farming, hospitals, a University, a City, and the Canadian Government to name a few.

3001 by Zarcom System Inc's  latest venture has been to create a Washington State based Corporation; Landcom by Zarcom Inc. formed in 2010 to hold, develop and lease land in Washington State. As the representative of  parent company, I was elected as President of Landcom by Zarcom Inc. in 2010.
I consider myself a Software Architect. I attained a Certified General Accountant certificate (CGA) in 1985. Attended  British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT) in 1987, taking a software course. In 2003 I took more software courses at CDI College, Victoria. Finally two Internet management courses at Vancouver Career College in 2006.

In 1966 I graduated from what is now Vancouver Island University with an Accounting Certificate. This led me into becoming an Entrepreneur by July 1969, in my Computer Accounting business in Kamloops.

The ground work for my achievements began as the son of a farmer in England, then being educated at Otterton Primary School on the Jurassic Coast of the Devon; and at Ruabon Grammar School for Boys in North Wales. Leaving for Canada with my parents and their six children in the summer of 1957.

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