Brian Dodd - Entrepreneur

My Method

In my roaring twenties I worked in various businesses, from accounting, sales, farming and fishing, warehouse man, and even a stint as a cowboy.

I worked at all levels from mending fences to management. This gave me a firm foundation for my entrepreneurship. Then in 1969 I became an Entrepreneur.

So, using the power of my analytical mind and vast experience and education; I will use the following techniques to advance my Visions. Employing the tools of the Internet, Wikis, Mass Collaboration, combined with sound fundamental Business Planning covering: Following the SMART [Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Timely] method the Teams will build superior plans.
As President John Kennedy said "Gather enough answers, and the decision will be made for you", that is how I will choose the businesses for my partners and I to get involved in.

Some of the Internet Tools I use or plan to use are:

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