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From the son of a farmer, Brian was born in England in World War II under the Nazi bombs; and arrived in Canada on June 13th, 1957 along with the Dodd  family of eight on the "Empress of Britain".  After arriving in 'Winterpeg', where he worked as an Auditor for the City of Winnipeg, and various other positions including managing a Taxi Company, he went west.

In 1966 Brian was looking to improve his education and moved to Nanaimo with his new wife, and enrolled in an Accounting course at Vancouver Island University [formally Nanaimo Vocational School]. He graduated a one year course in 3 months, and eventually, after being a commercial fisherman and having his first entrepreneur venture in Nanaimo, he arrived in Kamloops in 1968.

Here Brian, and prominent Kamloops Businessman, and a computer scientist from Dalhousie University formed "A B D Management Control Corporation" in 1969 to provide computer accounting and other computer services to the local businesses and the City of Kamloops.

After running a successful business for 7 years, he and wife number two moved to Victoria. Here he formed a partnership with a prominent Victoria businessman, Bill Walker, called "Dodd & Walker Accounting Services", where besides offering computer accounting services they operated multi office Centa Income Tax franchise for the Greater Victoria area. The business is still operating today as Feil & Company on Cook St.

In Victoria Brian attained his Accredited Public Accounting designation, later the APAs merged with the Certified General Accountants, making him a CGA.

1983 brought an opportunity to move his base of operation to Vancouver. Brian established various software companies, under his re-named company "Zarcom Software Corporation" (now "3001 by Zarcom System Inc." in 2000). Brian increased his computer software knowledge to the level that he became a Software Architect. His "Paytime - a Canadian Payroll Program" is still in use today.

Semi - retiring to Victoria in 1995, Brian joined Toastmasters with his first Old Age Pension cheque, on May 1st., 2005. He complete his DTM at the end of June 2008. With the confidence and leadership lessons he has learned in Toastmasters, he is now ready to Unretire and move his business into the WiKi World.

In 2012, Brian attended a VI Entrepreneur Toastmasters Club meeting on September 12th; John Kimak a motivation speaker was practicing a portion of his presentation he would be giving at the District 21 Toastmasters Fall Conference in November; his speech title was "Creatures of Habit". John stated that it usually takes 21 days to create or break a habit. Brian thought back to his quitting smoking and losing weight, the 21 day rule worked in those cases for him. John provided a Worksheet for use to write down our choice of habit to make or break. Brian wrote down writing (typing) One Hour a Day. Coincidentally he had started to write an article on writing a new will, to guide himself in making a new Will for himself. This gave him the idea of writing an eBook from the advice he had received and given over his lifetime. The journey began and he created a new habit, he sail past the 21 days on October 2nd, and culminated in finishing the first draft on October 16th. Then began the learning curve of creating the mobi file to upload He published his ebook "MONEY Ages in Your LIFE" on December 24th, 2013.

In 2016 he completed "The Club that made Toastmasters truly International" as editor and contributor for First Canadian Toastmasters Club 38, for their 80th Anniversary.

He is already working on his next book, with the working name of "Business Manual for Rookies".

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